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  1. Download and copy image from to sdcard.
  2. ssh to the device
  3. expand the file system using raspi-config
  4. sudo bash; apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade
  5. apt-get install arduino xrdp


4 Responses to “Setting up a Pd/Arduino Capable Pi.”

  1. Sue

    I tried the dd workflow and had no luck (says “Operation not supported” on that disk – I think the SD card itself is bunk. Let me know when I can come pick up a card from you. Thx!

    • feurig

      Card is ready. Sent you an email with contact info and times.

  2. Sue

    I did a little googling and took the suggestion to reformat the 32gb card to FAT, make it one partition again, then erase for good luck. That worked – but it took 2.5 hours to complete the dd. It’s working well now though!

    • feurig

      I found that if i did the dd with the default block size that it took over an hour to do next to nothing. I played around with it and found that adding bs=512m seemed to get it down to under an hour. Using the internal card reader on my linux machine at work i was able to get it to around 40 minutes.

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