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The testbox is an LCD/Dorkboard based arduino clone with two buttons and a pair of potentiometers. The switches, power and 4 io pins are made avaliable via screw terminals on the ouside of the testbox. #include /*————————————————————– pulse generator for test box Depending on the setting of left dial send send pulses out on digital… Read more »

Acid Testing Your Time Machine Backups

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Disks Die, Laptops break, Bags are Stolen. It’s more or less a fact of life, In the 4 year process of transitioning from a noisy sun E-250 in the garage to something that could actually be in the same room with you I arrived at the above network arrangement. Most of the my data is… Read more »

Day 1: Thing 1: Midi Monster Board Design

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This month we have two workshops. One on interfacing Purdata with the outside world and one on programming midi devices. I designed one board that should work for both classes. I will blog a bit more about this technically later at dorkbotpdx.org/feurig but that was my thing for the day.

Postgres + Ruby + OSX=Multi Architectural Hell

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I was finally able to get my ruby/rails environment setup with my database of choice. It wasnt easy as postgres will not build with more than one architecture at a time, I had gone through similar hell the last time I tried to build anything on OSX that had to compile against libraries made for… Read more »

My Sample Design for Fabrication Workshop.

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At the eagle for fabrication workshop on sunday I started with a design that Thomas Lockney threatened to build about 2 years ago called the Low Fi Arduino Guitar Pedal. (http://www.instructables.com/id/Lo_fi_Arduino_Guitar_Pedal/) It was simple enough to get through the necessary parts of eagle that I was teaching and while it wasn’t perfect It beat the… Read more »

Excuse our dust.

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As I am rebuilding our web server I am consolodating my nerdy stuff. This domain was origionally where I placed information on my installable package for the avr-gcc toolchain for OSX which came out of the stuff I was working on.