My $33 linux box.

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The dorkbotPDX mailing list recently posted a link to a 25 dollar arm linux based nas called the PogoPlug. It was pink and ugly but it was $33 with shipping, so I bought one. It was stashed conspicuously under the rug by the nice people at UPS yesterday after I signed a slip saying they… Read more »

The other open source (ITS THE Meta-DATA STUPID)

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I wish I had seen Ladyada’s blog about getting off the fence about kicad before she closed comments to it. I just ran up kicad on my mac and its still not ready for prime time. The worst part of it is that the designs that are in kicad are stuck in kicad. It scared… Read more »

Getting Old School!

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Arduino Cult Induction 30OCT11 at ADX Introducing the TAD (a Through-hole Arduino compatible Design).     During this quarter’s induction we are going to try something different. We are going to build a complete arduino compatible board made entirely of through hole components.  Called the TAD (for Through hole Arduino compatible Design) The board uses… Read more »

T.A.D. a Through hole Arduino-compatible Design

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Way back when the Arduino started out, you could lay out a single sided through hole design. People were encouraged to make their own. Then along came computers without serial ports and the need for everything to be USB and suddenly you couldn’t design an Arduino without a 4 dollar surface mount chip. So some… Read more »

A good stubby phillips.

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Whenever I look at integrating avrdude into a software solution I find myself thingking about how useless the “Phillip”s bit on a Leatherman(tm) tool is and how many times I have hurt myself using it when it was the tool on hand.

New Workshop Schedule

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Please join us on the last Sunday of the month for one or more of these opportunities to learn. This may change somewhat given schedule conflicts withe PNCA which has graciously hosted these classes for the last 3 years. I will be at the open lab Sunday and would like to discuss what could be… Read more »

The Modern World Video Game.

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This is an art piece that I did for a show in Spokane. When the Riverspeak people were talking about this show I had planned to work on a pendulum design that I have been toying with for some time.. As a secondary piece I wanted to use this beautiful 50s television that is in… Read more »